Q: Should I remove all my items from my cupbaords?

A: Unlike other companies we do not require you to empty out your cupboards. During the onsite prep process we will tape off all cabinets on the insides to help insure that no overspray will get inside your cabinets. We do ask you to remove everything off the countertops and remove them from the kitchen area. The video to the right will give you an example of our onsite preperations.

Q: How do you prep the doors and the onsite?

A: We start degreasing the doors/drawers using TSP. From there I will sand the doors using 120 grit sand paper, this roughs up the door and removes any excess grime that might have been missed. After sanding the doors down we will prime both sides of the door using a shellac based primer. From there we sand down the primer to smooth out the surface before painting both sides of the door. Each door will get about 3-5 coats of primer/paint in total. For the onsite after we properly tape and plastic off the spray area we will degrease, sand and paint the kitchen the same way we prepped the doors.

The Final Coat T.O


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What Paint do you use?

​A: We use a waterborne pre-catalyzed lacquer from Valspar called Zenith it is a high-performance waterborne coating designed for finishing fine woodwork and cabinetry. It has been formulated with a proprietary blend of Valspar® self-crosslinking resins to yield a finish that is extremely durable and passes all KCMA performance standards when properly applied and cured. It is low in VOC and is formaldhyde free which means that it is safe for doing onsite sprays while you live in the house.

Refinishing Specialist

Q: At what stage in the renovation process should you come in and do the onsite spray?

A: We typically like to be near the last trade in the renovation process, the only trade we would recommend come in after us are wall painters. Flooring, Countertops and backsplash should all be installed before we start the onsite process.

Q: What is the difference between refinishing and refacing?

A: Refinishing is when you keep your kitchen components (i.e doors/drawers) and simply change the colour or finish. Refacing is when you replace the old doors and drawer fronts and apply either a stain or coloured finish.